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Okay, I wanted to post something in this community for Three Weeks for Dreamwidth, but I don't have time for any of the meta posts in my head. So recs are what you get: 21 for A Great and Terrible Beauty, mostly Felicity/Gemma and Felicity/Pippa; 11 for The Eagle of the Ninth; 4 for The Winter Prince; 6 for American Girls; and 7 for Sorcery and Cecelia and Mairelon the Magician.

The Eagle of the Ninth

No More Mine Than Yours by lolafeist, Marcus/Cottia/Esca, NC-17.

All of Carmarthen's. There are eight stories and a drabble, mostly Marcus/Esca, and all of them fantastic.

Adventures in Non-Roman Prostitutes by anonymous, Marcus/Esca/OFC, NC-17. This is unfinished and I think it's movieverse? Anyway, it's awesome and hot and the OC is great.

The Winter Prince

The Summer Prince by Ishafel, Medraut and Lleu, PG.

Reunion - This is in fact a Medraut/Turunesh drabble by Elizabeth Wein herself. How cool is she?

Recovery by sparrow-wings, Medraut/Lleu, not explicit.

In the Broad Ways I Will Seek Him Whom My Soul Loveth by rainbowjehan. Telemakos's POV on meeting Medraut.

American Girls

The Blessings of Liberty by Jougetsu. Five times Edward Merriman gave his word, PG.

Doll Story (Or, How Felicity Merriman Found Love) by automaticdoor. Felicity/Ben, Felicty/Elizabeth.

Felicity's First Time by aleathiel. Felicity/Ben, NC-17.

When they are both full grown by cidercupcakes, Felicity/Ben, G.

Hush Little Baby by WhatBecomesOfYou. Kirsten is left alone with Britta one day and tells her stories to calm her down.

Come to grips with a sky that is gaping by verical. Kit/Ruthie future fic, with Stirling!

Sorcery and Cecelia/Mairelon the Magician (because they totally take place in the same universe)

An Obvious Extension by lalaietha, Kate/Thomas/James/Cecelia, NC-17.

For Most Interesting Reasons by lalaietha, Kate/Thomas/James/Cecelia, Lady Sylvia, R.

Nothing At All Unusual by lalaietha, Kate/Thomas/James/Cecelia, G.

Sons! by TigerKat, Lady Sylvia and Lady Wendall, G.

Closing the Circle by queenbookwench, Kate/Thomas/James/Cecelia Lady Sylvia, Kim and Richard Merrill, R.

A Brief Christmas Adventure by Kerioth, Kim, Mairelon and family.

Portents of Magic and Might by Mara, Kate/Thomas, Lady Sylvia, Kim and Richard.

Gemma Doyle trilogy

Exit Seraphim by nova25, Gemma/Felicity, R.

perfume came from paris by viorca8957, Felicity, PG.

This is how the fire starts. This is how we burn. by amchara, Felicity/Ithal, PG.

Games by obsessivemuch, Gemma/Felicity, R.

Lessons by bribitribbit, Gemma/Felicity, R.

Behind Closed Doors by obsessivemuch, Gemma/Felicity, R.

Whom You Leave Shackled By Love by botherd, Felicity/Pippa, PG-13.

Joie de Vivre by bribitribbit, Felicity/Gemma, PG.

fear no more the heat o' the sun by dollsome, Felicity/Pippa.

Borne aloft or sinking as the light wind lives or dies by dollsome, Sarah/Mary, PG.

Start and Tremble by dollsome, Felicity/Pippa, Ann, Gemma, PG-13.

The Afterlives of Sarah Rees Toome by threeoranges, PG-13.

The Voice Of The Silence by threeoranges, Wilhemina Wyatt, PG-13.

A Great And Terrible Beauty: A Busy Reader's Guide by threeoranges, PG-13.

Moving Through A Mirror Clear by havocthecat, Felicity/Gemma, PG-13.

Hold Memory Close at Hand by SheilaB, Felicity/Pippa, PG-13.

Choice by NeoVenus22, Felicity, Pippa, G.

This Magical World by NeoVenus22, Gemma/OMC, Gemma/Felicity, PG-13

The Consecration of the Order by Culumacilinte, Felicity/Gemma, R.

Garden of Thorns by threeoranges, Martha Hawthorne, Sarah, various Spence girls, PG-13, 25 chapters.

A Sailor's Suit and Cap by SheilaB, Felicity/Pippa, R.
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