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American Girls: Molly has one story.

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe has six stories

The Diviners has one story

The Eagle of the Ninth has one story and a few more tagged as movie-verse

Frontier Wolf has one story

Gemma Doyle has one story

Kate and Cecilia has one story

The Lie Tree has one story

Mairelon the Magician has two stories and one treat

Mara, Daughter of the Nile has one story

The Sherwood Ring has one story

The Squire's Tales has one story
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Like the Tide
by templemarker

Notes: First begun as a reponse to a prompt in [ profile] riventhorn's Happy Gay Farmers post last month, "a storm's coming." With grateful thanks to [personal profile] samjohnsson for uber beta skills.

It was as if Esca knew Marcus was looking at him, as if he bent and flexed with purpose to distract Marcus from his work and draw Marcus' focus to the slope of Esca's back, the spray of freckles across his shoulder. Marcus knew every part of him, from the frantic exploration atop a horse blanket in the hills of the North to the slow, fire-drenched coupling of their first days in their bothy, on their land, their home.

Available on livejournal, dreamwidth, and my archive.
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Okay, I wanted to post something in this community for Three Weeks for Dreamwidth, but I don't have time for any of the meta posts in my head. So recs are what you get: 21 for A Great and Terrible Beauty, mostly Felicity/Gemma and Felicity/Pippa; 11 for The Eagle of the Ninth; 4 for The Winter Prince; 6 for American Girls; and 7 for Sorcery and Cecelia and Mairelon the Magician.Read more... )


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